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Extended essay spanish civil war

extended essay spanish civil war

to make the Foreign Enlistment Act of 1870 applicable to the Spanish Civil War, however, here it did not make very much difference to recruitment but in certain parts of France it was rigorously applied. British non-intervention was certainly influential in this. When one considers the territory and resources held by the Republic at the beginning of the Civil War (the industrial areas, much of the army and the gold reserves it seems incredible that their people could firstly become so poverty-stricken and that they could then. Both France and Spain had governments founded on similar socialist ideologies and operated under the same name; Popular Front.

Traces of Evil: Free essays on the Spanish Civil War

extended essay spanish civil war

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The British Cabinet found a suitable solution to the prickly Spanish problem iv in a suggestion from French Prime Minister Leon Blum who proposed to secure a non-intervention pact and a collective arms embargo. Although they hated the Alfonsine Monarchists, whom they regarded as too "liberal they loathed the anti-clerical Republicans. They also had a common deference towards authority and were unlike the left who were, it can be said, ill-suited to the discipline of war. Was the neutrality of Britain the most decisive factor in the outcome of the war? In order to gain an agreement on collective security with the European democracies, Stalins government sought to dismantle the revolutionary changes which had taken place in Spain and restore Republican government authority as quickly as possible. The Barcelona May days and other examples of terror and violence as workers took over the cities and enemies were eliminated, confirmed the hostility of the middle-classes xiii. To the left, it epitomised the struggle between socialism and the evil forces of fascism.