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Paragraph essay on hurricane matthew

paragraph essay on hurricane matthew

of miles. Yet it has lived on in history as the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. Its mayor had ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city and yet 150,000 citizens are said to have stayed. Some storms rise into the atmosphere 25,000 feet. Editor Philip Whitefield brings up an important point in Our Mysterious Planet when he comments; At a time when we know how to aim a space probe directly at Mars and trigger the gigantic forces of nuclear power, we are still at the mercy. While the current direction for seeking energy resources pay attention to clean and renewable energy, for instance, wind energy and solar energy, the technology is not yet widely spread in Louisiana because of the construction cost and the risk of damage by aggressive hurricanes. We need to have more people that are willing to help, not just the people made, when a disaster strikes. Hurricane and tornados have differences on how they are formed and where they are formed. When a hurricane makes a landfall, it often produces a strong storm surge that can reach 20 feet (6 meters) long and spread 100 miles (161 kilometers).Hurricanes cause catastrophic damage to coastlines and several hundred miles in land. National Hurricane Centre (NHC) reported on August 23 that Tropical Depression Twelve had formed over the south-eastern Bahamas this was soon to be named hurricane Katrina, it was upgraded to a hurricane on the 25th of august, it hit land the same day lousi.

This is where the winds and clouds spiral in enormous bands. Humans live out their lives in tranquility; living in environments that have stable climates suitable to raise a family or pursue careers.

A major concern for a way to prevent future and major damage then started in the early 2000s. The French built levees to protect from river flooding. Hurricane is the name given to fully developed tropical cyclones that are found in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the North Pacific Ocean east of the International Date Line. On the west coast of the United States and other places hurricanes arent taken as seriously as other more common disasters, such as, earthquakes and volcanoes yet the hurricane can be a lot more damaging that both. My fascination with the ocean sparked the idea to do my class paper on hurricanes and what they are along with their effects. The economic losses were extraordinary; however, it was the human losses that stuck Americans at their core. New instruments and equipment are becoming more precise and scientists are exploring every dimension of the hurricane.

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The European Wind Energy Association have intensions of installing offshore wind farms with 40 GW rating by 2020 and 150 GW rating by 20302. They are targets for weathermen trying to modify the storms energy by dropping chemicals into the storm from airplanes. In the Northern Hemisphere, some experts calculated that in an active year for hurricanes, 50 such storms form in the Northern Hemisphere alone. Sunlight and starlight can stream all the way to the ground. Army Corps of Engineers and they had to decide how to build these levees to withstand hurricane forces. The background on risk communication was in depth and clearly explained. Professor Megan Taylor, february 24, 2014, short Essay on Hurricanes Introduction: A devastating event that forms over water where the heat from the water fuels the intensity of the storm is called a hurricane, a tropical storm, a cyclone, or low pressure storm. tags: Papers Good Essays 928 words (2.7 pages) Preview - Hurricanes can be good for the environment with the rain, but they can also destroy a life.

The hot towers, also called chimneys, can be as high as 50,000 feet from the ocean. The Coriolis Effect, which is the apparent deviation of an object, greatly influences the path of a hurricane, and must be taken into effect when trying to predict its path.   tags: Disaster Preparedness Term Papers 2104 words (6 pages) Preview - In the six years that I live in the United States, I have never seen a hurricane.   tags: National Disaster Term Papers 2017 words (5.8 pages) Preview.

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