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Essays on mona lisa smile movie

essays on mona lisa smile movie

sense to "just feminist garbage". Like them, she believed that into the wild truth essay a womans role in life was to be a good wife, mother, and homemaker. My Grandma's really into buying bootleg DVD's at the Flea Market and picked up Mona Lisa Smile. She knew how much Joan wanted to be accepted to Yale, and with only five women to be accepted into Universitys at that time, Katherine felt that Joan had the better chance of them all. Katherine prompted them to explore their potential for change, rather than dutifully accept the traditional views of an institution where education was viewed merely as a stopgap before marrying a man, for whom they would work hard to boost up the corporate ladder. Despite warnings from her boyfriend Paul that a Boston Brahmin environment was out of her element, Katherine was thrilled at the prospect of educating some of the brightest young women in the country however, her image of Wellesley quickly fizzles after her first day. This is probably the reason male critics gave it such a harsh review because the movie entails women being intelligent, not always choosing men or marriage, and worst of all being independent. Kirsten Dunst was definitely my favorite character. She never, for one second, gave Katherine a chance, though despite her efforts to discredit her as well, the students clique of friends - among them Giselle, Joan, and Connie grew increasingly to admire her and look to her as a mentor. It begins by introducing the lead character, Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts a liberal-minded novice professor from California, who lands a job in the art history department at a snobbish, all-girl college, called Wellesley, in the fall of 1953.

Dunst's character puts up a good fight, stressing Roberts' character out to the point where she practically almost loses her mind and her job. I didn't see it in theaters but I heard awful reviews.

This is where things get tense. Both characters go into a significance of the 1967 referendum essay battle of the times. Both her and I agreed it was one of the best movies we had ever seen! 2045 Words 9 Pages, the movie, Mona Lisa Smile is an inspirational film that explores life through feminism, marriage, and education lead by a modernist teacher at the end of a traditional era. There is not one girl that can not relate with this movie because relating to one or more of the female characters is so easy and comforting. Dunst's character follows her childhood dream and gets married while in college, throwing away a possible future career in her major. An Abstraction of Application Psychoanalysis on Mona Lisa Smile Movie. About Mona Lisa Smile 2003.