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Syrian refugees photo essay

syrian refugees photo essay

an agent of real change. "I often dream that Daddy is bringing me candy says Sidra. Some days they have had to make do with apples they were able to pick from trees along the road. In 2013, Turkey and Bulgaria joined and started building their fences too. They are protesting against not being able to travel further through Hungary.

Swedish photographer and twice-winner of the World Press Photo awards. Abdul Karim Addo has no money left. He bought a ferry ticket to Athens with his last euros. A second piece is reminiscent of Gricaults. She loves playing in the sand.".

The boy, who has been airlifted to Jordan, has shrapnel lodged in his head, back, and pelvis. Wissam, was initially granted asylum but his application has been put on hold indefinitely. "The strangest thing about war is that you get used to feeling scared. Currently, there are 4 million Syrian refugees registered in the region.

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