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An important change in my life essay

an important change in my life essay

my very shy, self-conscious sister didnt really fit in well. This process creates our personalities. I realized how hard it is to earn some money and I also found out that money did not grow on trees. She then subconsciously had a feeling that Becky knew where they were. We had two shorts breaks in school, one in the morning, and the other one in the afternoon. Actually, I liked to be all the day in the school sharing great moments with my friends. For the two years that I have known her, other than becoming one of my best friends, she managed to make me reconsider my values, the way I view myself, and the way I perceive life in general. But, the most difficult part to me is that my university is so far away from my home. This included my relationship with people.

an important change in my life essay

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My parents took her to rehab, and I went into my room and cried the rest of the day. I never thought it was that serious. But, what I missed of the school the most was that it was 5 minutes from my home and I could go walking to school. Classes in university are shorter than in school; but they are full of activities that make me feel tired. It is something that happens whether we want it or not. I would be grateful.

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