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Same sex marriage essays pdf

same sex marriage essays pdf

while those who marry earlier with lower education have the highest divorce percentage (Asthana and Campbell). State Evidence: - As McClelland claims, the divorce rate is 20 percent lesser in states that permit same-sex marriages. Because everyone is brought up to believe and hold valuable different things, it is most difficult to say in moral terms what is right and what is wrong. According to the law, spouses or family members akin have more visitation rights than others. #2 Intro Evidence: Furthermore, same-sex couples are less likely to end their marriage due to certain reasons such as being infertile. Concluding Sentence: Therefore, without the problems or existence of certain reasons, same-sex couples are less prone to divorcing.

Same, sex Marriage: More Questions Than Answers.
Same - sex marriage.
Of federal recognition of same - sex marriages.
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Same-SEX marriage, aND, marriage, hamlet.

Evidence Paragraph #2: With gay marriage legalized, the country or state can gain economic benefits harry potter censorship essay and business opportunities. Over the last year, the city also received 16 million in tax revenue from gay marriages (Ellis). In states where adopted is permitted, gay and lesbian couples holds approximately 16 more than married and unmarried heterosexual couples (LifeLing Adoptions). At times, the sterile particular in the relationship presents the partner excuse to dissolve the marriage due to the overpowering sense of guilt linked to the loss of parenthood and an unborn biological child (National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. For instance, daughters raised with father absence have higher aspirations to unusual gender occupations. On the contrary, same-sex parents can supply supportive and healthy environments for children as well as opposite-sex parents (Steffof 104). Given that definition, I show more content, even though they may not be part of the majority, they still have rights, and should be able to exercise those rights and be accepted. Besides, it reduces the divorce rate, leads to financial profits to the economy, and provides a family to the parentless. #2 Intro Evidence: Moreover, there is no scientific prove that parental sexual preference affects parenting capability. Why they want gay marriages to be legalized/what difference it makes?

Feminist Sexual Ethics Project, brandeis University

same sex marriage essays pdf