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Biodiversity decline essay

biodiversity decline essay

certainly going to have a major impact on conservation programmes, especially in developing countries. Habitat destruction and modification is the most serious threat to biodiversity. The ways in which humans destroy other species are legion. The majority of the worlds population still depends on wild plants and animals for their daily food, medicine, housing and household material. What remains to be seen is the political will to carry legislation through at a global scale to manage environments much better so that biodiversity can be maintained. About most of these, little more is known than their appearance and location. It is a gradual process, influenced by various geo-physical and climatic factors, and resulting in the emergence of new strains of the species. However, unfortunately the growing pollution is having a negative impact on biodiversity. The market for floral species is also a factor behind reductions in biodiversity.

Save biodiversity essay, graphic Designer/Website Developer Save biodiversity essay, maxine hong kingston essays. Biodiversity decline and loss. A biodiversity essay, usually assigned in a science class, is one of the most interesting essay topics you can write about because its. At a regional scale, new introductions may tend to increase biodiversity, but they also tend to homogenize biodiversity.

In many cases exotic species outcompete or prey michael chabon essay david foster wallace on the pre-existing biota. The erosion of biodiversity may be attributed to the following factors. Energy Consumption and Emissions : It is estimated that from before the agricultural revolution to the present time, the total energy consumption by humans has multiplied about 7000 to 13000 fold (Ehrlich, 1995). Conclusion, every species of flora and fauna serves its unique purpose towards maintaining the environment and making it worth living. The reason for unequal distribution of various organisms in different parts of the world is the varied climatic conditions.

Everything in the nature has a role to play. Modern hybrids, on the other hand, while substantially increasing the grain yield and monetary profits, have forced the farmers to look elsewhere for their other daily needs (especially fodder and left them dependent on the vagaries of markets, governments, and private corporations. Sadly many species are extinct due to human beings selfishness.