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Compare and contrast essay world leadership theories

compare and contrast essay world leadership theories

dollars by the year of d from a family workshop with two people developed. Some researchers conceptualize as a trait, or as behavior, while others view leadership from a political perspective, or from a humanistic viewpoint. New York: John Wiley. It is effective because it is in the best interest of followers to do what the leader wants (Khunert Lewis, 1987). The election campaign that was run by the now US President, Barak Obama, was transformational. Within the context of contingency theory, task- motivated leaders are primarily concerned with reaching a goal, whereas relationship-motivated leaders are concerned with developing close interpersonal relationship. Academy of Management Review. In the past half century, leadership theory has gone through sots of changes with continue development and improvement of trait theory, behavioral theory, contingency theory and transformational theory(Naylor. The law of the father.

It was believed that people were born with these traits and only great people possessed them. During this time research concentrated on determining the specific traits that clearly differentiated leaders from followers (Bass, 1990; Jago, 1982). However, according to researchers, it is not entirely clear why leaders with high LPC scores are effective in moderately favorable situations or why leaders with low LPC scores are effective in both very favorable and very unfavorable situations. ThousandOaks, CA: SageHill,.A. Comparison Of Leadership Theories. Performance to the leaders requirement or expectation is rewarded. It though the interaction of personal leader's traits, behavior and work environment to explain the phenomenon of ntingency theory has the following three researches which are typical :1)Fiedler's contingency theory 2Vroom and Yetton contingency theory,3)Path-goal theory(Naylor. ConclusionsAs this paper explored vividly four leadership models and theories, it is possible to organize them in a variety of ways, conceptualizing the leader, follower, situation, triadic relationship is important; it is a reminder that, leadership doesnt occur in a vacuum. Whilst many people would consider autocratic french essay on noise pollution show more content, this is because managers encourage the workers to share their ideas about decisions and this helps workers feel responsible and capable. Leaders need to analysis situation elements of the different conditions and adopt different leadership to motivate subordinates, then realize effective management. Notwithstanding, according to Fielder (1997 the relationship between a leaders LPC score and leadership effectiveness also depends on situational variables characterized by assessing three factors: leader-member relations, task structure, and position power.

Based preference of concern, it concludes tree main types of leadership which are Autocratic, Democratic and with trait theory, behavioral theory marks the leadership' transformation that from single study for leaders' characters tend to a wider range of leadership research. Based on above all analysis and comparison of leadership theory, it is clearly that leadership theory has been boosted a lot from the tait theory to the latest transformational theory with the development in the past half centaury.

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