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Importance of the thirty years war essay thesis

importance of the thirty years war essay thesis

causes, which go hand in hand, did however, cause the war to continue longer than it most likely would have if religion had been the only motive. Hoe von Hoenegg lists all that has been sacrificed by Protestants and urges that it cannot be in vain. Following the Catholic victory came the Danish intervention. As the most destructive event in German history, the Thirty Years War started as a conflict between the Protestants and Roman Catholics, yet ended up as a fight for political power. With Bohemia now firmly in their grasp and with their large group of adjoining territories, they were ready to expand to the east in the Balkans, to the south in Italy, or to interfere once more in the Empire. It was during the renaissance that such ideals as secularism, humanism, individualism, rationalism and above all else secularism were first apparent in main stream society. Defeated, Christian IV abandoned his support for Protestants in the Treaty of Lubeck in order to keep his control over Denmark. Two years later, Catholic powers took of the land.

The Protestant Union was supported by the English, French, and the Dutch, while the Catholic League was supported by Spain and the Hapsburg Empire (3). Germany was of the greatest effected because the war was mostly fought on its land. From the changes of religion, to the change of government and warfare, the Thirty Years War formed a break with the past and the modern world.

With Sweden, France had blocked the Habsburg efforts to strengthen their authority in the Empire. At the end, the Northern German states remained Protestant, and the south remained Catholic. In Germany, education was stopped, cities were in ruins and serfdom had inclined rapidly because of the expense to rebuild and the scarce labor. Research Paper, consequences of the 30 Years War- Essay From the change of warfare, to the vast changes in government and dominance, the Thirty Years War had clearly resulted in many changes and effected many areas of life. Frederick later fled to Holland. However, this is not a revengeful statement; rather he insists that no one surrender what God Himself has given. Emperor Ferdinand II regained the throne of Bohemia and the Bohemian phase of the Thirty Years' War thus ended with a Catholic and Hapsburg victory. Although the war was disastrous in many ways, politically, it brought some positive effects to certain countries, and death to others.

Thirty, years, war essays

importance of the thirty years war essay thesis

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