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High school of life essay

high school of life essay

values as well. T have friends, it drives you to insanity?(Cohen 4). Similarly, both high school and college provide the opportunity to meet and associate with a variety of different people. Another similarity between high school and college is the multi-cultural and multi-racial school setting. This is not only true for the athletes, but for the cheerleaders too.

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This goal is not always easy to attain; therefore it requires much effort. So what do these lonely outcast kids do if they are rejected by everyone? He was trying to emphasize that everything in life brings about change. However, the college student sets different goals and priorities for himself or herself. This path in life, along with any other of life s routes, brings about change. At Glen Ridge High School a group of jocks raped a retarded woman.?In that attractive upper-middle-class New Jersey suburb, thirteen jocks were present in the basement where the young woman? There is a distinct variation between the teaching methods in high school and in college. Meeting these different students could result in the beginning of flourishing friendships and wonderful relationships. In my high school, as well as every other high school in America there are social groups of individuals, called cliques, that effect every individual whether they are an insider or an outsider.

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