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Essay on iqta system

essay on iqta system

the revenue has been realized from them, those subjects should remain secure from any demands of the muqtis in respect of their persons, wealth, families, lands and goods. Mongol Trade and the Silk Road For a relatively brief period between 12 the Silk Road trade routes were opened up to European when the land occupied by the Turks was taken over by the Mongols who allowed free trade. Importance of Mongol Tribal Bonds and Organization. One particularly effective tactic Genghis liked to use was the feigned withdrawal: Deep in the throes of a battle his troops would withdraw, pretending to have been defeated. Chinese farmers were taxed according to the quality of their land and the number of oxen they owned. It was made from the inner bar of mulberry trees and according to Marco Polo was "sealed with the seal of the Great Lord." Paper money was first produced in China in 11th century when there was a metal shortage and the government didnt have. The revenue was meant for the muqti's own expenses, payment and maintenance of the troops and the rest had to be sent back to the king. They controlled the land and the trade routes between Europe and China so completely that historian Daniel Boorstin described it as the "Iron Curtain of the Middle Ages." Mongol Paper Money and Silk Road Trade The Mongols were the first people to use paper money. These fiefs were governed by a sultan or a lord known as pasha who was selected for various reasons including distinguishing oneself in war or by giving gifts or providing women for the Khans harem. Any man who meets an escaped slave and does not bring him back to his master will be punished in the same manner.

Genghis found many andas, and his blood brothers, realizing his superior abilities and his charisma, would often join under his banner. He was unable to get a complete list of the laws a "Yassa Gengizcani." These 22 rulings have been taken from various sources, the Persian chroniclers, and Fras Rubruquis and Carpini. Still the Mongols were able rulers and administrators and parts of the realm endured for hundreds of years. Iqta in the Seljuq era edit, in the Seljuk Empire, the move toward the iqta' system was facilitated by the Persian bureaucrat. If the children are dead, the marriage contract may still be drawn. Edu/mongols Early in his rise to power, Genghis attempted immediately to break down the tribal groups that joined him, because he felt that loyalty in the tribal group would belong to the tribal leader rather than to himself. The Iqta system was later reorganized. And at Tana you should furnish yourself with a dragoman. According to Columbia Universitys Asia for Educators: One answer to this question is that the Mongols were adept at incorporating the groups they conquered into their empire.