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Essay reflection handout

essay reflection handout

will be able to use the book in your class. II Philanthropy and Civil Society Standard PCS. Read Pay It Forward pages 282-305. Day Twelve: Have learners write a few sentences about the ending of the book. Allow learners time to work on the essay in class. Then one day he got a phone call and came to talk to one of the producers of the show. Be sure to take gloves, trash bags and Ziploc bags. Pair up the learners. IV Volunteering and Service Standard. Have learners predict what will happen to Trevor next. References Used Murdoch, Iris (19 ).

essay reflection handout

NY: Pocket Books, 2000. Introduce the concept of legacy (leaving your mark). Providing Service Benchmark.1 Provide a needed service. Bibliography, hyde, Catherine Ryan. Remind the learners that the main character (Trevor) is a twelve-year old boy who intends to change the world and that they are approximately the same age as Trevor. Reflection in Iris Murdoch's Under the Net. Self, citizenship, and society Benchmark.4 Describe the characteristics of someone who helps others.

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When the teams are finished, have learners share an interesting observation from each essay with the class. Jake is ostensibly the author of the novel, and it is presented as a sort of documentation of selected episodes in his life. Provide time to work on the essay in class (Handout Two: "Reacting to Trevors Idea" Essay ). Day Two: Read the following pages from Pay it Forward aloud to the class: 29-34 and 46-52. The non-ideal eye images may contain multiple issues such as specular reflections, low contrast, blurring, focus, non-uniform illumination, glasses and contact lens, off-axis and the off-angle eyes; occlusions such as eyelashes, eyelids and hair. Assessment The teacher will assess the park cleanup with pre- and post-event reflections using a rubric (Handout Six). Explain that todays reading will involve Trevor sharing his idea with others. Based on peoples reaction (including your own group what can we say about societys view about people trying to make a difference in our world? tags: identification, segmentation, biometrics. They battle with these questions everyday when they think about the way their family acts. 7.2 Reflection on the project This was a long-term design project, and everything was fresh.

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essay reflection handout