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Nuclear energy benefits essay

nuclear energy benefits essay

of the increase in the United States, bringing it level to the levels of consumption in Brazil. China, Russia and India have already plans to start using thorium to fuel their reactors in the near future. Therefore, the amount of fuel required in a nuclear power plant is much smaller compared to those of other types of power plants. Although no one can really agree that it was a good thing, from statistical point of view, if the war had continued the death toll would have been much higher than the 70,000 who lost their lives during the bombing. Between 19, the worldwide annual growth rate was. This is much more than needed for an irreversible climate catastrophe. Thorium, which also is a greener alternative, has lately been given an increased amount of attention. In the United States, 49 of electricity generation comes from burning coal. Globally, solar columbia mba essay analysis generation is the fastest growing source of energy, seeing an annual average growth of 35 over the past few years.

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International Petroleum Monthly Retrieved 10 November 2009 Opec agrees record oil output cut retrieved 21 December 2008 "Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council: Renewable Energy Roadmap: Renewable Energies in the 21st century; building a sustainable future - COM(2006) 848" (PDF). 68 Wind edit Main articles: Wind power and Wind power by country Wind power is growing at the rate of 17 annually, with a worldwide installed capacity of 432,883 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2015, and is widely used in Europe, Asia, and the United. Retrieved 14 November 2016. . 2.2 Electricity Production From Wind Sources: Main Wind Power Producing Countries 2010 (text table Observ'ER. In an ongoing controversy, opponents point to the destructive potential and say that, despite the benefits, this is almost always a tool too dangerous to use. 21 According to the US Energy Information Administration 's 2006 estimate, the estimated 471.8 EJ total consumption in 2004, was divided as given in the table above, with fossil fuels supplying 86 of the world's energy: Coal edit Main articles: Coal and List of countries.

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