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Cooperative federalism in india essay

cooperative federalism in india essay

and integrated. State governments were made equal partners to the federal government, which granted states independent power to make decisions, dividing power even farther between national and sub national governments. However, the framers of the Constitution were hesitant to grant the federal government an excessive amount of power as they had just fought a difficult battle for independence from a unitary system of government in Great Britain. How is Federalism practiced? Though article 262 provides the authority to the center to take initiative to solve the dispute but central government never took such initiative.

cooperative federalism in india essay

Cooperative Federalism was one of the major instruments used by prominent Vallabhbhai Patel to persuade and cajole 492 princely states to join Indian union.
Under Nehruvian era, State Reorganization Act, leading to the formation of five zonal councils was an important step towards cooperation.
Hence different opinion, have been expressed, by the political scientists with regard to the nature of the Indian federal system from time to time.
Unfortunately impressed by the strong unitary features of the Indian constitution.
Where soon after its enforcement remarked.

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Despite the fact that the word federalism is not used or implied with Indian Union but it is largely based on the principles of federalism. They are referred to as Union Territories and include areas like Chandigarh, Lakshadweep and Delhi, capital city of India. There was fear of disintegration by some national leaders in our country when there was demand for the formation of states on the basis of language was raised. Thompson further explains that federalism has carved the characteristics of public administration. Advertisements: Unitary features: Despite these essential features of a federal set up India is not a classical federation. Section one states that all states will honour all of the other states laws; this ensures that a marriage in Florida is also considered marriage in Arizona. The President Rule thus tends to shift the balance in favor of the centre and converts the federal system into a unitary one. Unfortunately, such a body has not been established so far. All decisions except defense and foreign affairs are taken in this Council. In Tamil Nadu, the movement took ugly turn as it turned into violent agitation. Unfortunately impressed thesis statistics pakistan by the strong unitary features of the Indian constitution. This is evident from the dominant position which the founding fathers assigned to the centre in the original design of the Indian Federal System.

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