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Totem pole essay

totem pole essay

explored the origin of totemism. The original pole was raised around 1870 in Tongass as a memorial to Anis a la g a's mother. Cross beams of clan houses sometimes are carved with his appearance. He kills the animal or bird of which he dreams, and henceforward wears its skin or feathers, or sonic part of them, as an amulet, especially on the war-path and in hunting" (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2013). In conclusion Lvi-Strauss stated the difference between the classes of man and animal serves as the conceptual basis for social differences. Keithahn, Edward 1963 Monuments in Cedar.

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Boas (1916) 'aiming at Durkheim as much as Frazer, denied that cultural phenomena could be bought together into a unity' (Lvi-Strauss, 1969,. The second part of my totem pole is my present. Religion is centred on this division; it is a 'unified system of beliefs and practices related to sacred things, things which are set apart and forbidden' (Haralambos, 2001,. Much speculation has occurred as to the meaning of these figures. In ancient times, few noble families could afford to commission these sculptures, but during the nineteenth century the number and size of poles increased dramatically due to a variety of factors, including the increased wealth brought by the fur trade, improved availability of iron tools.

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