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Living at home while studying at university essay

living at home while studying at university essay

the cooking, cleaning and washing, otherwise you might be packed off to halls. Help around the house. There are two ways to look at the experience of living at home while at university. I want to party, but I also need to be fit. But for 27 of students in the UK, moving away from home is not an option their state of health, cultural practices or limited finances mean they have to stay put and study within commuting distance. Chol contributes to utility bills, but her father takes care of the rest. Moving out would be fun, but, right now, I'm more passionate about keeping up my parkour than getting away from mum and dad. Make the most of any social networking sites linked to your university or course. Aaron Porter, president of the NUS, says: "We encourage students who stay at home to make sure they get involved in their students' union through clubs and societies and through the running of the union itself.". Chol is involved with the London Met entrepreneurs society, while Smith volunteers locally, and Williams played on a uni-run football team at Coventry. "I looked into going into halls, but didn't want the burden of paying rent she says.

The Pros and Cons of, living at Home During University

living at home while studying at university essay

Many academic departments organise social and networking activities as part of the induction to courses.". "I was struggling to cope in a horrible, smelly student house, and I just wanted to be with literary character comparison essay introduction my mum she says. So, your local university offers your dream course, you like the idea of saving money, want to stay close to home and are prepared to get involved in student life. Head of student services at City, Michelle Preston, adds: "The 'welcome week' at the university is a great opportunity for new students to orientate themselves and to meet new people. But what if your ideal course is on your doorstep? If so, living at home could be for you. From film-making to karate, they are a great way to make friends. With loans, grants and bursaries on offer, the Government argues that money shouldn't come into your decision to stay at home.

living at home while studying at university essay

Coupled with an uncertain economic future has led to an increase in the number of students who choose to live at home while they study. But can t be used to cover costs incurred while living at home. Finally, consider the time. Living At Home While Studying : Forget The Stereotypes, Here s What It s Really Like. In my area the norm is to stay at home while studying at university.