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Do you support gay marriage essay

do you support gay marriage essay

a range of rights and benefits equivalent to couples in de facto relationship. In 2012, John Key, New Zealands conservative prime minister, spoke for many when he said, if two gay people want to get married, then I cant see why it would undermine my marriage to Bronagh. The sexual orientation of same-sex parents presents no threat to the wellbeing of their children, and those who say it does should desist from english critical essay past papers repeating the slur. In the real world, I suspect market forces and common sense will prevail. I can sense change in other ways too: in the thoughtful messages my partner, Sophie, and I received on the birth of our daughters; in the kindness of strangers stopping me in the street to ask after our family; in the attitudes of a man.

Last year, in Texas, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, a measure that would have banned discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender, race or age, was put to local voters. For example, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, the Most Reverend Dr Glenn Davies, recently declared that God created marriage as a manwoman, exclusive, permanent union.

do you support gay marriage essay

Lgbt Americans, for instance, were twice as likely as those in the general public to cite legal rights and benefits as a very important reason for getting married (46 versus 23 while those in the general public were nearly twice as likely as lgbt Americans. The first nation to legalize gay marriage was the Netherlands, which did so in 2000. One of the parishioners wore a T-shirt that read Its just love. On top of that, researches have strengthened this idea, showing that the optimum environment for the growth and maturation of children is under the education and protection from a father a mother. Despite the establishment of civil union, advocates of gay marriage have never stopped battling for the right to marry. Ours is hardly a story without prejudice and discrimination, but we know from experience that prejudice and discrimination can be overcome. In the case of partners death, the spouse receives any earned Social Security or veteran benefits. For the past thousand years, marriage has been recognized as the social union between a man and a woman. (Johnson, 2009) In 2004, the state of Massachusetts had made an unprecedented move to allow same-sex marriage, being the first state in US to legalize gay marriage.