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Chinese american culture essay

chinese american culture essay

to write something, that Western cultures do not have. Americans look at Chinese and say their wrong for the way they treat women, while Chinese look at Americans and say we have let crime and drugs get the best of our country. Paper, chinese Culture. Trying to be like someone cool is easier than being individual, because of this America has a sky high divorce rate, half of all marriages end in divorce.

Is it important to go to college essay

Ive done this myself, whenever I see people with the Confederate flag, I think they must be uneducated rednecks. In America we have the right to choose, and express our individuality, but do we? This is illustrated in The Joy Luck Club when Waverly, Lindos Daughter, is an extremely talented chess player and her mother brags to all her friends that her daughter is brilliant. Because we do not fall in love for the right reasons we fall in love with the person that makes us popular and look good. The difference is likely due to language and written language differences. I strongly feel that the Chinese are sacrificing a big part of their personal happiness, to obey age-old traditions. We as Americans as a hole judge people by what others are doing. How many times do you see people dressed like a freak hanging out with someone wearing a letter jacket, you dont it just doesnt happen.