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Gun violence chicago youth essays

gun violence chicago youth essays

there's something real going. As many of you know, the United States is really not an outlier in violence and in crime compared to other countries, in a lot of ways. Now, one thing that's different about Chicago, Chicago has very strict gun laws. There's a whole variety of complicated ways that people would get the. By the way, this is a highly dangerous activity. We can do a lot, actually, to disrupt that. Can you get more specific about how they get those guns? Whatever's happening, in terms of the momentary uptick in crime, the issues of youth joblessness, the issues of poverty segregation, availability of firearms to prohibited possessors, if we had no increase in crime we would still have many of the same issues on the table. Very few women, non-Hispanic whites, Asian Americans are homicide victims in the city of Chicago.

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gun violence chicago youth essays

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Remember when I showed you this slide here? Riverdale is almost 100 low income African American. When you talked a bit, "Who did you steal the gun from?" Actually, a friend of a friend who's a drug dealer was a very common answer in our prison survey because, of course, that person is not going to report. By the way, that's not to say that it's optimal the way Chuck's is selling their guns. Like if I just wandered into some neighborhood in Chicago and said I want to buy a gun I would not come away with a gun. BS: Alright, well thank you. If I had my way, by the way, I would have much more stringent rules for people under the age of 25 because one of the challenges we have with a lot of the people in this box. If we found the gun at a crime scene, we know a lot about that crime scene, who might have had that gun last. Audience: I have a question on that. If you look at our gang guns, what we did is we looked at all the gun crimes that were committed by people who had gang affiliations and we compared them education matters selected essays by alan b krueger with gun crimes committed by people who didn't have gang affiliations and were more.

gun violence chicago youth essays