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Famous essays in english

famous essays in english

certain topics are raised, the concrete melts into the abstract and no one seems able to think of turns of speech that are not hackneyed: prose consists less and less of words chosen for the sake of their meaning, and more and. If you use ready-made phrases, you not only don't have to hunt about for the words; you also don't have to bother with the rhythms of your sentences since these phrases are generally so arranged as to be more or less euphonious. These rules sound elementary, and so they are, but they demand a deep change of attitude in anyone who has grown used to writing in the style now fashionable. The range of verbs is further cut down by means of the -ize and de- formations, and the banal statements are given an appearance of profundity by means of the not un- formation. and incompatible metaphors are frequently mixed, a sure sign that the writer is not interested in what he is saying. In prose, the worst thing one can do with words is surrender to them. So, these essays can be treated as explanations for the proverbs. Above all, we cannot play ducks and drakes with a native battery of idioms which prescribes egregious collocations of vocables as the Basic put up with for tolerate, or put at a loss for bewilder. The will construct your sentences for you even think your thoughts for you, to a certain extent and at need they will perform the important service of partially concealing your meaning even from yourself.

Read books online for free at Read Print. Database of free english essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. My Country : The land of Shiva and Krishna, the dream of the Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, the nursery of temple and mosques is inside my country.

My country, because of the many beautiful locations, is the craze of tourists. Wrey Gardiner scores by aiming at simple bull's-eyes with precision. I think the following rules will cover most cases: Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which essay about peace not war you are used to seeing in print. And this is not altogether fanciful. But we will not pay any amount to publish your words in our website. If you simplify your English, you are freed from the worst follies of orthodoxy. These save the trouble of picking out appropriate verbs and nouns, and at the same time pad each sentence with extra syllables which give it an appearance of symmetry.

The Gangetic Valley is the most fertile regions of our land. We keep this page updated periodically. Such phraseology is needed if one wants to name things without calling up mental pictures of them.