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Persuasive essay on school block scheduling

persuasive essay on school block scheduling

does it really take to get into the Ivy League? Read What Are Subject Tests? She worked really hard and got an internship at Deloitte (one of the top accounting firms in the country and at the end of the internship she was offered a full time (and well remunerated) position. Usually, their inquiries go something like this: These are my grades, these are my test scores, these are my extracurricular activities, etc. But maybe you didnt start taking high school seriously until junior year, or maybe you had a bunch of stuff going on in your life one semester and your grades suffered, or maybe your high school doesnt send kids to Harvard and Yale every year.

Consider a few examples: at the end of my orientation week, Columbia rented out Ellis Island so the new freshman could have a party there; the students at Barnard, the all-female sister school of Columbia College, had Meryl Streep speak at their graduation, and the. You can find them at schools ranked just below the Ivy League or in the honors programs at top public universities, and I promise they are just as smart as Ivy League students.

Well, at Columbia, guess what my Literature Humanities class looked like on Monday mornings? In terms of your future career, while alumni networks can potentially help you find internships and jobs (if youre looking in the right field) and while having an Ivy League school on your resume is always a plus, what you choose to major. The answer of course is always some variation on it depends. Part I: High School. I always give the most helpful, specific advice I can, but in the end, even if you do everything right, elite college admissions always involves an element of luck.