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Short essay on moral education

short essay on moral education

helpful to sketch the relevance of religion to one particularly troublesome part of the curriculum: sex education. What shape moral education should take depends on the maturity of students. But if the literature is chosen to nurture the development of the right virtues and values, it may not be well suited to nurture an appreciation of moral ambiguity or informed and critical thinking about contending values and ways of thinking and living. One that, I myself, have had some trouble even formulating an idea. But there are limitations to character education as a general theory of moral education; it was not designed to address critical thinking about those ideologically charged debates that divide.

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Morality comes from the Latin word for custom. Despite the phenomenal increase in the number of who can write me a book report educational institutions, there has been a deterioration of human values in our society. 2 We have also argued, however, that we need to educate mature students regarding some matters of great importance about which we disagree deeply. But there are dangers in uncritically conceiving of morality as a matter primarily of personal virtue. For books dealing with the relationship of religion to politics and social justice, we refer the reader to Suggested Readings and Resources following Chapter. They should learn about the key Supreme Court rulings and different ways of interpreting the implications of political liberty for the abortion debate. Although Plant Assets Can Fluctuate in Fair Market Value, Their Book Value Will Remain Consistent. Globalisation A Moral Outcry? It is unjustifiable for a teacher to impose his or her values on students; this would be an act of oppression that denies the individuality and autonomy of students. It means that, all things being equal, our expectation of the consequences of an action, whether good or bad, will be reasonably accurate.

The characters in this book are static, starting with Jay Gatsby, Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, and Nick. But, in the end, one of the things most people learn is that the greatest sources of meaning in life come not from wealth and technological wizardry but from altogether different realms of experience. At school level, the syllabus should include folk tales.