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Barriers to compassionate care essay

barriers to compassionate care essay

an intolerable push for process, procedure, cost-savings; the desperate lack of staff and support, simply drained the capacity of those nurses to respond with care and humanity? Regulators and those who set quality standards absolutely have to recognise the absolute essential importance of these aspects of care. Pediatric nurses should communicate using normal language instead of medical terminology, and communicate a sense of trust and confidence in the caregiver. Staff who do not find effective ways of coping may be more susceptible to stress and burnout. As patients or as relatives, we know when care is being delivered with compassion and when it is not. The same is reflected by third principle of the code which states that nurses should provide a high standard of care at all times which involves in all settings of the health care system. Positive communication is a vital nursing responsibility in this case and nurse training and written documentation can help. Compassionate care should be a staple for all healthcare providers. From prehistory when the first humans began to interact socially, up until today, compassion has been the key to caring relationships.

barriers to compassionate care essay

Essay : The purpose of this essay is to look at barriers of compassion and what nurses could do overcome these barriers. Three sub topics will be looked. The importance of providing compassionate care to patients is well established. While compassionate care can be understood as an individual response to others vulnerability, it is acknowledged that healthcare environments can impact significantly on this aspect of practice. The Kings Fund Point.

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There is extraordinary potential for blending the best of evidence-based medicine with real patient centredness, performing medicine with patients rather than doing it to them. And at that point she grabbed my hand and said: please dont let me die in here the nurse came that came in said: I am so sorry, we had forgotten about her; yes, she has been there for some considerable time. For many staff, such a desire may have been a motivating factor in their decision to enter the healthcare professions in the first place. BritishJournal of Psychiatry ; 171: 519523. As such, enabling good teamworking is important. Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015 27th June, 2017. The importance of compassion is vital in any care setting show more content, compassionate care is a big talking point right now in the media and within the healthcare sector with the Francis report being published earlier this year regarding the failings by Mid Staffordshire. I slammed the nurses button, the emergency button. The genuine love of children and compassion are two qualities of nurses involved in paediatric care to have a positive effect on all stages of child development. Journal of Occupational Health ; 2: 3, 242246. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy ; 13: 353379. Care, compassion and respect have always been enshrined in the value statements of the health professions (.