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How to write stanford supplemental essays

how to write stanford supplemental essays

will murder them otherwise. You might focus on the following: Your academic interests Your community interests, and how your experience would add to the existing communities at Duke. That suggests that you're either lazy, or you have an inflated sense of your accomplishments.

how to write stanford supplemental essays

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The university set out specific expectations martha stwart essay that you should respect. For example, you might have taken an engineering fundamentals class in high school, as well as a programming course. Your Stanford application is not a scholarly essay. The main point of the first two tips is to remind you that it will be easier to write your essays on the field youre interested in than on the field you think has the higher acceptance rate. This is a tall order for a one-page essay, even with the blessing of single spacing. Again, you do not have to write a response to this essay if you would prefer not. A Few of (Your) Favorite Things: A Literary Short List Once you have completed the essay supplement, you will find the next few questions to be simple and straightforward. Is there something particular about Duke that attracts you? Additionally, dont forget to proofread. You just want the grade. What resources and opportunities do you hope to take advantage of at Stanford?

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