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Can you say et al in an essay

can you say et al in an essay

report, for example, that there was a possible cancer pathology and the patient should be referred to an oncologist for further treatment. Basically the Committee members were doctors who, because of their firm belief that chiropractic had to be stopped and eliminated, volunteered for service on the Committee. Stevens, who testified during the trial, was one of these dedicated individuals who devoted a substantial amount of time to his committee work. Levine, 554.2d 1227, 1235 (2nd Cir. During the 21-year period from 1960 to 1981, there were only ten such letters written by ACR staff. It may not come in to show that the public stand was objectively unreasonable. There was no methodology for dissertation evidence as to the identity of these groups. In my judgment, this injury continues to the present time and likely continues to adversely affect the plaintiffs.

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If your content is dynamically changing, then you can publish a button which creates a new archived version whenever somebody cites the work: Cite this page! The Principles of Ethical Radiological Practice have contained Principle 3 (identical to the original AMA Principle 3) since the early 1940s. They do this by encouraging their editors to instruct their authors and copyeditors to cache all cited URLs "prospectively" before submission or during the copyediting process, respectively, and/or by submitting manuscript XML files to WebCite at the time of publication, so that WebCite can comb. 392, 400-01 (1947 The District Court is not obliged to assume, contrary to common experience, that a violator of the antitrust laws will relinquish the fruits of his violation more completely than the court requires him. This will ensure that the reader (citing author) knows exactly how to cite the work, and makes sure that a snapshot of the cited work is preserved in WebCite and its digital preservation partners.

can you say et al in an essay